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Stronger for Life

Stronger for Life

Defensive Fitness

What is Defensive Fitness?

Defensive Fitness is a comprehensive and progressive strength and conditioning program designed to improve your functional health and performance at the same time equipping you with the physical capability to defend yourself.

The program is designed and distributed to you privately via google sheets application. There is a complimentary membership given to you to access the videos of the program. These videos will show you the warm up, program exercises, functional stretching exercises, and functional strength exercises. Sign up fee includes baseline performance testing, functional movement assessment, individualized program design, and bio force HRV hardware and software access. Membership includes pre and post testing as you progress through the phases. Your testing data can always be viewed through the member login by clicking on workouts. Membership also includes access to your program anywhere in the world.

Fitness here is only the beginning
We train people to PHYSICALLY be able to defend themselves
The exercises improve performance and prevent injury
We use scientific testing to individualize your program and measure improvement
We use specialized training methods that work regardless of age

Month to Month Memberships

3-4 Days/Week

1-2 Days/Week

1 Year Memberships 

3-4 Days/Week

1-2 Days/Week

Come experience a taste of our phase 1 program

Free 1 Week Membership


Defensive Fitness is a Bioforce HRV Certified Training Facility. What does that mean for you...RESULTS!

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology invented and used by the Russians to train elite athletes dating back to the 1960’s.

  • Tells you when you are recovered and ready to train
  • Tells you when to back off or take a rest day
  • Tells us if your workout yesterday will get you results or if a change is needed to your program
  • Tells us when your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or change programs

BioForce HRV Package at Defensive Fitness includes:

  •  Heart Rate Variability Strap and Chip (Bluetooth 4.0)
  •  Mobile App: Compatible with iphone, ipad, and all Android devices. Download from app store
  • Web App: Progress gets tracked and analyzed, chart detailed notes about your workout
  • The Ultimate Guide to HRV training book by Joel Jamison
  •  Daily workout adjustments based on your measurements

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