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What is Defensive Fitness?

Defensive Fitness is a unique gym where small groups of 8 people come and train together doing  individualized/specialized strength and conditioning programs to improve their physical performance and how they move. The members here range from business professionals, military, law enforcement, stay at home moms, grandparents, and youth athletes. The performance improvements will directly transfer to self-defense skills taught at martial art and firearm facilities. People in search of quality fitness programs who don't do martial arts anywhere love coming here to do our programs because everything we do is measured, and great results are delivered. We use a variety of program design principles, training methods, and exercises that you've never done before to keep workouts exciting and continue getting results for many years. 

Progressive Training

Your Defensive Fitness program starts with an
in-depth analysis of how each joint of your body moves. This translates to specific strengthening
and stretching regimens to improve aches and pains, and protect you from future injury. You’ll have a highly structured fitness program with movement patterns and adaptations that build on each other over multiple programs. You will get lots of programs over time that will constantly improve your movement proficiency and help you develop strength, power, flexibility, endurance, and many different conditioning adaptations. Each program is based on your individual level of fitness, strength, and goals. You are also given online video access to 345 videos showing each exercise of the program so you can get a complete workout anywhere in the world! These videos will show you the warm up, program exercises, functional stretching exercises, functional strength exercises, and much more. Membership includes baseline performance testing, a functional movement assessment, and individualized program design. Pre and Post-Testing is included as you progress through your training phases, allowing you to see how much you've improved and ensuring maximum results.

Incredible Value

Personalized training for less! Stop paying for a gym membership and each and every personal training session. Defensive Fitness offers it all for one low monthly cost. Come in for personal training 2-4 times per week for only $135-$190 per month, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to other gyms.
And you train in a supportive, small group environment that quickly feels like family.


Every program is measured with performance and movement quality tests that show you how much progress you've made. Each program focuses on 2-3 adaptations. The first program you will get is called Level 1, Phase 1. This program takes most people 2-3 months to complete. It will improve your muscular endurance (how many pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and squats you can do to muscular failure), aerobic threshold (the peak heart rate where your body burns fat), and muscular strength. These adaptations in phase 1 are essential for faster recovery, learning correct movement techniques that will progress later, and you'll get more results from future programs after you complete phase 1. Here are average improvements our members have achieved from phase 1. All members can access their data on our online system to see their progress at any time and see how their performance compares to other men and women who train here. 

Level 1, Phase 1 Results

% Improvement (19 Men, 6 Women)


Train at our Gym in Hopkins, MN

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Come experience our First Fitness Program that will get you in better shape and take your self-defense skills to the next level!



Defensive Fitness is a Heart Rate Variability Certified Training Facility.

What does that mean for you? RESULTS!

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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking technology was invented and used by the Russians to train elite athletes dating back to the 1960’s. Your HRV tells you:

  • Do I do my structured program today as it is written?

  • When you are recovered from previous training and ready to do more

  • When your body needs to back off or take a rest day

  • Whether your workout yesterday will get you results or if a change is needed to your program

  • If your body has adapted to the program and it’s time to push harder or change programs

BioForce HRV Package at Defensive Fitness includes:

  • Heart Rate Variability recovery band and sensor

  • Mobile App: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. Downloaded from appropriate app store

  • Daily Assessment of your HRV from a certified Trainer and workout adjustments based on your HRV measurements

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